Monday, March 05, 2007

Momentary Memory Mishap

Yesterday, a most beautiful sunny day, I was driving in the afternoon to a wedding shower that I was helping host. It was so nice outside that I wanted to pull back my sunroof and enjoy a little bit of the weather on my way. So, I slid back the cover and then realized that I had forgotten where the button was that controls the sunroof! It had been so long since I'd used it last that I'd forgotten where the control was. I've had my car for about 8 years now so really there's no excuse for that. I eventually found it, but I felt like such an idiot for a few minutes in my moments of forgetfulness! Good grief!


gayle said...

Thank goodness I am not the only one who has completely scatterbrained moments!!!

Isn't it fun to laugh at yourself sometimes? :)

Amberly said...

Oh, just wait until after you have kids... I think they sucked the brain right outta me!