Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Little Black Book

I have owned what I call my Little Black Book (otherwise known as a "planner") since high school. It's a Day Runner, actually. I used to use it for a calendar and assignment book for homework but now I have all sorts of information in there such as an address book, a calendar, random notes to myself and other miscellaneous items. The zipper is so well worn that it glides smoothly, but the leather outside looks like I just bought it yesterday. I love my little black book and I have to admit that I'd feel a little bit lost if I misplaced it. I rarely misplace things, so on Saturday, when Casey and I were running errands and I noticed that my black book was missing, I sort of panicked. It had our list of things to do in it and I didn't know where to go next (just kidding!). But really, I needed to find it and fast. It turns out I'd left it at the table where had eaten lunch and the waitstaff had found it. Crisis averted, thank goodness! I sort of feel like my whole life is in there. Or at least all the things my brain just won't hold, which ends up being quite a bit, actually.


Lindsay said...

I never felt like I needed one until I had a kid. Now remembering things is is hard - my brain is a big ball of mush right now but I love every minute of it. :)

Heather said...

I am right up there with you about making lists of things to do...I could totally understand the lost feeling if I didn't have my lists!! I need to get a little black book to put them in...(I'm actually working on my husband to get me a PDA of somesort)

gayle said...

I think I would have had a coronary if I lost my planner! Yikes! Thank goodness it was found -- God was definitely watching out for you that day!!! :)