Friday, March 09, 2007

Stream of Consciousness

Have you ever stopped to think about how our minds consistently wander despite our attempts to keep them focused? I'm not usually conscious of this stream of consiousness activity of my brain, but for some reason, yesterday at lunch, I was...

I was sitting in my car reading a book as I sometimes do during my lunch breaks since I always bring my lunch from home...I got distracted by the sound of small dry leaves hitting my car as they were blown from the branches by a gust of wind...the sound and sight of them fluttering in the air made me think of when I was in Oxford toward the end of the semester (it must have been around April or May) when I saw Cherry Blossoms falling off the branches of their trees as the wind blew them...then I thought of the branches being weighed down with the volumes of blossoms and how they kind of looked like snow...then I thought of the branches of trees in Colorado, where my grandparents live, heavy with fresh snow...which led me to think of the time I was sitting on my grandparents porch oustide their cabin in the mountains and observed the sights and sounds of such a dense, hard rain that it was both powerful and peaceful at the same time...which made me remember the smell of the rain in the forest...which made me think of my trusty black umbrella that I carried with me everywhere while I was in Oxford...I then remembered I keep that same umbrella tucked away in the console of my car (on which my elbow was resting at that very moment) in case of rain.

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gayle said...

That's fun!

I think it is almost impossible for us to be constantly aware of the fact that our brains never stop. I think that is what makes it fun when we take notice of the random thoughts that run through our mind... Sort of like a mini-story!