Monday, March 26, 2007

Tex-Mex Wedding

This past Saturday, Casey and I attended a wedding to which we were not invited. We were meeting for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Gloria's, and I arrived first. When I walked through the front door to ask for a table, I saw a young woman standing near the front with a wedding-type dress on. In fact, as a side note, it was a terrible dress - but that's beside the point. At the time I thought maybe she was celebrating her Quinceanera, but she definitely looked older than 15 and then I noticed she was carrying a bouquet and then, she started fanning herself and looked quite nervous.

After I was seated, I was looking over the menu when I heard - in stereo - Here Comes The Bride. No joke. I looked over to the other side of the restaurant - along with everyone else - and saw her walking down the "aisle" to meet her groom. Casey walked in about a minute later and when he sat down I said that there were two people getting married in the restaurant.

He said, "you mean they're having their reception here?"

"No, they're getting we speak...over there."

Then we heard the officiant say, "we are gathered together today..." and we just looked at each other and must have been thinking the same thing - they're getting married in a Mexican restaurant? Yes, they were. And there were strangers eating lunch simultaneously all around them. While we were chowing down on our salsa, black bean dip and chips, they were pledging their lifelong committment to each other. So weird! We figured that they must have met at Gloria's or it was their favorite place or something like that, but in any case, they truly had great food at their reception!


Heather said...

How funny!! I can't imagine having my wedding at a Tex-Mex restaurant

Melanie said...

HaHa. That is so funny. I couldn't imagine that. Although, I've been told that the dietary manager in our nursing home got married in the courtyard garden area of our nursing home. Guess it'd be a cheap wedding!

Jacque said...

Now that's just crazy. Yummy, but crazy.