Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shopping Extravaganza

This weekend I went shopping for myself - a rare event for me. Even more rare is the fact that this time I came home with actual purchases (yesssss!). A typical shopping experience ususally either goes one of two ways:

1. Try clothing on. Dislike everything. Walk away empty-handed.

2. Try clothing on. Like it. Decide that I don't need it. Put clothing back on rack. Walk away empty-handed.

You can see why I am so excited that I found things I like and then actually purchased them. Besides buying things, I noticed other things happening on this shopping trip:

1. Sales associates are now using a small whiteboard attached to the doors of dressing rooms to write your name on. This was the case in at least three of the stores' fitting rooms. Interesting.

2. The polished concrete floors of Northpark Center may be a little too polished. I almost fell completely face-down on the floor because it was so slippery.

And finally, the title of this post is dedicated to my fun and creative husband who insisted that I use the word "extravaganza" in at least one post's title. So, this one's for you, CJ!

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