Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Casey!

Casey turns 27 years old today!

It wasn't hard at all to come up with 27 reasons why I love him:

1. He is a follower of God.
2. He is a great listener.
3. He always tells me he loves me. All the time.
4. He compliments my cooking. Makes me feel good!
5. He has a big, tender heart.
6. He sets goals and accomplishes almost all of them.
7. He loves to hold my hand, give me hugs and cuddle with me on the couch.
8. He is a hard worker. And he's great at his job.
9. He can make me laugh. Not just a giggle - a real, tear-enducing laugh.
10. He is Mr. Handyman. He can do anything around the house. And a computer-wiz.
11. He never yells.
12. He cleans up after himself. He hangs his clothes up and everything!
13. He always wants to be with me.
14. He isn't afraid to act like a kid sometimes.
15. He always wakes up smiling.
16. He makes sure that I know that I am important to him.
17. He's my best friend. And our friendship is important to him.
18. He's really friendly - he will strike up a conversation with anyone!
19. He is so easy-going.
20. He loves me despite my faults.
21. He's great at making me feel better when I need it.
22. He knows how to enjoy life.
23. He is mindful of others' feelings.
24. He prays for me.
25. He is respectful.
26. He loves his family.
27. He's great at being sweet and thoughtful!

I wish everyone could know Casey as well as I do and be blessed by him, but I'm privileged to be one of the few who does know him so well and I cherish each day I get to spend with him. Happy Birthday, Casey! I love you and I'm truly thankful you're mine!


susanfair said...

Casey is precious and God truly answers prayers.

Emily Cade said...

That is so sweet! You two are as sweet as when I saw you a few years ago! Happy B-day Casey!