Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Small Head Syndrome

I have to get some sunglasses - soon! I broke my last pair on our trip to Italy and haven't replaced them yet (explanation below). In the past several months, my car visor has been overworked and is frankly, inadequate. Here's the problem - I have a small head. This is not really a big deal except on the occasion that I would like to wear a hat or find some decent sunglasses. I have to buy kid-sized hats. No kidding. It kind of stinks. Thankfully, I don't wear hats that much. Also, since the trend in sunglasses is for them to be huge on normal sized heads, they are gargantuan on my head and make me look like I am wearing diving gear. Seriously, Casey has gotten some pretty good laughs from me trying on sunglasses. What am I supposed to do? In the case of sunglasses, kids sizes don't fit me so that's not an option. I feel like I have tried on every pair of sunglasses known to man at this point. I may have to give up and wear a baseball hat on sunny days - oh, wait - most of those don't fit me either.


Roger Cook said...

Wanna trade?

Even the XL hats are too small for me and give me a headache.

Melanie said...

I have the same problem, when I buy regular glasses I have to go to the "pre-teen" section (where they are all purple and blue, what adult wears blue or purple eyeglass frames). I found some sunglasses at Target that are smaller and fit me perfectly. The day I lose those will be a sad day, I've had them for several years but my sister bought the same pair last year! Good Luck!

Dara said...

I actually just purchased a new pair of prescription glasses 2 weeks ago (my old ones were 12 years old) and the frames came from the kid's section. The adult glasses all looked ridiculous on me. My head is not majorly small, but the section across my eyes (from temple to temple) is really narrow. Josh also has a really small head (kids' size) and used to be made fun of for that! I guess we are the small-headed family! Glad to know we aren't the only ones!!!

gayle said...

That happens to me, too! Normal, trendy sunglasses look ridiculous on me... I look like a 10 year old trying on her mother's (or hip older sister's!) sunglasses.

If you find a good place, let us know!

Chanc J said...

I would check out Smith Sunglasses ( If you click on the pair you like, it will say Small, Medium or Large fit.

Good luck.