Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Fluttery Friend

New flowers bring lots of things flying around. We've had some huge dragonflies, several bees (of course) and this little guy:

He may not be the most stunningly beautiful butterfly I've ever seen, but I watched him for a good while and unlike other butterflies, he stuck around. No matter how close I got. So, I decided to take some pictures of the bold visitor to our garden.

It was a little windy this particular day, so when a gust threatened to blow Mr. Butterfly clear across the yard, he hung on for dear life. This made getting pictures of him kind of hard because his wings would go crazy in an attempt to stabilize himself.

One great thing about stopping to observe this butterfly is that it reminded me once again that I'm never more convinced of the majesty of God than when I look at the minutiae of his creation. It always amazes me - it never gets old - and I love that. See, I wasn't just wasting time!


Stephanie said...

I love these pictures! How pretty!You take great pictures!

Dara said...

Those are great pictures!!! Beautiful lighting and framing. Agreed with Stephanie, you take great pictures! It's amazing you were able to come so close to him! He was a bold visitor!

Brooke said...

Your comment about nature is one reason why I am a science teacher. Just love to be amazed by God while studying His creation! Your pictures are great! I came home to several butterflies on my house the other day. There were also a lot of dragonflies out after the rain on Saturday. Just love the activity of these creatures!

gayle said...

Don't you love those intense moments of reflection? Thank you for sharing your experience (and the photos!)