Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Win

Did you see the first game of the Rangers double-header last night? Casey has been watching all the Rangers games this season for some reason and although I'm usually in the same room, I just read a book or something. But last night's game got my attention. The final score was Rangers 30, Orioles 3. That's a record for most runs in the modern era, by the way. The only time a team has scored more runs was in 1897 and that team (don't remember which one) scored 36. Crazy. It was fun to watch - the Orioles home crowd thought so too. By the 8th inning, they were applauding the Rangers!


Emily Cade said...

I'm SO SAD YOU MISSED IT!!! They will be re-running it on Bravo, so check the schedule and watch it if you can! If I see it's on I'll shoot you an e-mail!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Emily - I soooo hope I get to see it!

Brooke said...

Ooo...glad to see the tip on the rerun. I saw the first 3 runs. I can't believe they did so well!