Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Farewell to Mitford

You know that feeling you get when you've just finished a good book and you didn't really want it to end? And you know how that feeling is multiplied when you finish a series? It's the strange juxtaposition of satisfaction and longing. I have finished the Mitford Series (finally) and became really attached to the town and the characters. The first book (Home to Holly Springs) of Karon's next series, The Father Tim Novels, is already released in hard cover and you can be sure that I'll be reading it when it comes out in paperback. One of the things I liked about the books is how you were drawn into this community of characters (Father Tim, in particular) by their language. These Mitfordisms (as I like to call them) will stick with me:

"Consider it done."
"Ba jing!"
"No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need none."
"Hey yourself."
"And there's the rub."
"I'll be 'et fer a tater." (my favorite!)

Another unique thing about these books is all the yummy food mentioned again and again. It makes you think of all your favorites that your mom or grandma makes. Don't you just want to taste Ester Bolick's Orange Marmalade Cake? And Puny's cornbread? Harley's brownies? Well, get the recipe book and you can do just that. However, no livermush for me, thank you. Or Miss Rose's banana pudding. Those are both in the cookbook, by the way.


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean! Those books are great (though I haven't finished them yet). I didn't know there was a recipe book. I'll have to look into that! That Orange Marmalade cake has always sounded so good to me!

Lindsay said...

You know how I feel about Mitford - my home away from home! :) Glad you liked them. I am all about reading the next book - you may need to wait on that one until my pick!

gayle said...

I completely get attached to characters! It is like losing a good friend.

Please be sure to post some favorite recipes... after you try them first, of course! :)