Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Going Back, Etc.

Have you ever tried something new only to find that it's way better than the thing you were using before? For example, we got new bath towels when we remodeled our bathroom last year. The old ones were just fine but the new ones...well, they are awesome. So soft and thick compared to the cardboard feeling of our old towels that we'd been happily using for years. I guess you could say that our new towels have effectively spoiled us!

The etcetera part:

Did anyone else catch the TLC show last night called "My Husband's Three Wives?" Weird stuff.

Isn't there a universal rule that when you have something wrong with your appearance that is obvious and fixable - someone is supposed to tell you?

Did you know that Blogger's spell check dictionary does not include "etcetera?"


Unknown said...

this happened with me with tissues. I had always bought kleenex brand. Then one day I got puffs on sale and realized that not only are they waaaaay softer and better than kleenex, they are cheaper too. To think, all those years I could have been using the better kind of tissue.

Roger Cook said...

To be truly and ultimately picky, isn't it supposed to be "et cetera" instead of "etcetera"?

LoriLoo310 said...

Yes, people are supposed to tell you when something is wrong with your appearance ... like having a big streak of chocolate across your butt.

Anonymous said...

Actually, either one is technically correct.

Roger Cook said...

Really? Coming from Latin, I figured two words would be more proper.

Anonymous said...

We need new towels...what kind did you get?