Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shocking Lack of Chocolate

When I go to a restaurant, what I'm generally looking for in a dessert is chocolate. Plain and simple. I have developed a certain affinity for other fruitier or vanilla-type desserts over the years and can certainly enjoy those. But ultimately, if I'm paying for a dessert at a restaurant, it's going to be a chocolate dessert. So, imagine my frustration when I've diligently saved room after a great meal for dessert...only to find that creme brulee and pound cake are the centerpieces of the dessert menu and not one chocolate dessert is offered. Surely I don't have to point out that a chocolate dessert should be available on every dessert menu. Period. It just makes sense.

Also, what happened with the chocolate chocolate chip muffin at Starbucks? Sure, I'm not a regular, and therefore may not have much say in the pastry offerings at my local coffee chain, but I do think it would be smart to bring this item back. Who decided to get rid of such a thing in the first place? Chocolate and coffee are like peanut butter and jelly. Or so I've heard. I don't actually drink coffee. Maybe that's why I miss the chocolate chocolate chip muffin so much. It was the highlight of the Starbucks experience for me.


Unknown said...

you better tell us which crappy restaurant does not have a single chocolate dessert on the menu so we can be sure to NEVER go there!

gayle said...

I feel the same way! If I'm going to eat dessert, it's gotta be worth it - and to be worth it, it must involve chocolate.

I know many people can only have a few bites when they encounter a mega-chocolate-ey dessert, because it's "too sweet" or "too chocolate-ey".

Not me!

Only once in my entire life have I ever been out-chocolate-ed. I can sometimes finish the entire thing by myself! (Assuming I saved room, of course).

Better luck next time, Rachel!

(PS - Will you divulge the name of the restaurant who lacks chocolate satisfaction, so we can avoid the same experience?)