Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Things that amaze me:

1. How fast time passes. It's already half-way through January 2008!

2. How much paper cuts can hurt.

3. How foods that you once hated sometimes end up being a favorite.

4. That photographs can be taken. Seriously, have you stopped to think about it? So cool.

5. That music can evoke such powerful emotions. Just ask people who choose songs for movies.


mindy said...

good thoughts! I agree....I didn't like chocolate milk as a kid when you were supposed to love it and now that it's not as cool, it's my fave! Yay for pictures and music too:)

LoriLoo310 said...

I once got a paper cut from a cardboard box underneath my fingernail. I think the pain it inflicted was similar to childbirth.

Sorry, I probably shouldn't say that knowing you'll be giving birth in a few months! At least with giving birth you get a beautiful baby. The paper cut gave me nothing but a bad day.