Monday, January 21, 2008


On a day like today (chilly and dreary...possible rain) there are window-washers precariously (or though it seems to me) hanging from our 20-story building cleaning the windows. You could not pay me enough money to do that. Really.

I am the antithesis of a dare-devil. I learned to ride a bike waaay after my younger brother did because I was scared of falling. I ended up really enjoying riding my bike after I actually did it.

My first roller-coaster ride was as an 8th-grader at Six Flags. It was the Flash Back. And the only reason I did it was because my friends made me. Again...scared of falling? Not sure. And, of course, I loved it.

I have no desire to sky dive, bungee jump or hang glide. But then again, maybe I'd end up liking it if I just tried it. But I won't.

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Dara said...

I am a super dare-devil... so I don't quite get the caution thing as much. However, I am learning a lot about it now through Ellie Beth. I may need to get your advice on how to get her to try some of the really fun rides and such that are around. She seems to be like you, in that she really loves something once she tries it, but is ultra cautious about trying it in the first place!