Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Brother

This is my brother, Kevin. He just turned 25 this past Sunday. He's my only sibling. In some ways we are as different as night and day. We definitely had our fighting moments...maybe years. But, we were also allies and playmates too. As Casey and I approach raising a son in the near future, I think back on some memories I have of growing up with my brother:

  • My mom told me that right after my brother was born, I used to pile toys up around his seat because I wanted to play with him. He probably just stared back at me.
  • I remember him having so much energy that my mom used to make him go out in the back yard and run laps around and around until he was slightly more tired if that was even possible.
  • I liked riding bikes with my brother. He used to make fun of me for veering off to the left or to the right when I would look that way when I rode my bike. I probably would have made fun of me too.
  • I remember at Halloween he would run at top speed to the next house and at Easter he would run at top speed to collect all the eggs before me.
  • There was one time that the threw my own slipper across the room and it hit me sqaure in the face. Later he felt so bad about it that he actually came and apologized because he didn't want to hurt me.
  • I remember one early Christmas morning he came bounding onto my bed and asked me if I wanted to know what Santa got us because he had already looked. I said no. He told me anyway.

  • He would always steal the spotlight when my mom was filiming us with the video camera. He was not shy and would ham it up whenever possible. He would always double-check with me by whispering in my ear when my mom would ask us what day it was on our home videos.
  • He could be an expert pest. Sharing the back seat of our sedan for family road trips was the main testing-ground for his expertise. He did the "one-finger-touch" when I would yell at him to not touch me. Classic.
  • He was such a good sport to play according to my rules most of the time. I was the bossy older sister. But sometimes I would help him build a tower of blocks or something only for him to knock it down. That was his favorite part. I didn't get it.
  • I went through a phase (for which I got in much trouble) where I tried to scare him at every opportunity. I would hide behind the couch or in a closet and then jump out to surprise him. I liked it because he got really scared every time. He hated it because he got really scared every time.

Be thankful if you have a brother. They can be protective of you and that's cool. And it can teach you how to manipulate someone when you can no longer overpower them physically. And there's always someone there to take the fall when your mom runs in the room and asks what happened. But seriously, I loved growing up with my brother and I really remember the times we laughed together more than the times we were screaming at each other. Even those times are pretty funny now.


Unknown said...

I love this post! Probably because I have a younger brother also. I also went through the phase where I tried to scare him, and I also got in trouble for it. Weird. I thought I was the only one. Sounds like you two have a very special relationship.

Amberly said...

Rachel, thanks so much for posting this! I never had a brother... just 2 older sisters. So, being as that is all I know, I was so worried that Sydney was going to miss out on that special sister relationship. However, I pray & hope that she & her brothers will have just as wonderful a relationship as you & your brother seem to have.

(By the way, he is the spitting image of your dad!!)

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's pretty crazy about his sister, too. A boy?! woooo-whoooo!

Stephanie said...

Your post made me laugh because it sounds exactly like me and my brother! Brothers are great!

Unknown said...

Wow, he looks so much like your dad. Isn't weird how that happens as we get older?

Emily Cade said...

Yes! I had the creamed corn! It was so good! and those tomatoes, and this tiny little potato! It was the best meal, I keep thinking about it. So you've been there? Do you go there often?

Lindsay said...

So sweet! I hope Kimber will feel the same way about her sweet brother who will be here shortly. Looks like the Cooke boy already has a best friend as well. :)