Friday, January 25, 2008

Dream Jobs 2.0

A while ago I wrote about my dream jobs. I've come up with some more, I think:

1. Flavor developer for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Mixing ice cream ingredients for a living (and then tasting them) would not be a bad life.

2. Nail Polish Namer for OPI. The last time I had a pedicure (right before Christmas courtesy of my mom) I got painted with "It's a Doozi, says Suzi." How fun is that? Great color, too.

3. Mystery Shopper. This is a job where you are sort of undercover when you go into a store and you test them on their product knowledge, customer service, etc. and report back to your company. They say you need opinions to do this job...I've got those.

4. Purveyor of Rare Books. Books of all sorts make me excited, but rare books are especially mysterious and fun. I'd be up for the challenge of finding these book gems. The trouble is that I'd probably just want to keep them all instead of selling them to other people. Unless they passed a book-appreciation test first. Then, maybe I'd let them buy one.

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