Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

There are a few things that can induce you from deep sleep to compete alertness during the night. Right now, this list for me is few. But apparently, the sound of the tornado alarms coupled with our house feeling like it was going to blow over accomplishes this. Last night, at exactly 4:01 am, my eyes popped open and I heard the sirens. No going back to sleep immediately after that, although I don't often wake up for these sort of things. Must be the fact that I'm not sleeping through the night anymore anyway. So, I turned on the TV and sure enough, there are tornado warnings and possible sightings in the area. We personally had no damage to ourselves or our property upon inspection this morning although, I think we would have appreciated if the storm had blown down our dead tree in the front yard because we're going to have to get that thing removed soon anyway.

The other time this happened was when our security alarm suddenly went of in the middle of the night a couple of years ago. Yep, that will wake you up really quickly. Man, deciding what to do in that situation was tricky. Do you get up and explore or high tail it out of there through the bedroom window? We opted to check things out after staring at each other for a while in shock. It turns out that we hadn't completely shut the back door to the garage and somehow when the air conditioner started up, the suction pulled the door open just enough to trigger the alarm. Needless to say, this is something we check every night now before we go to bed.


Dara said...

Last night was quite eventful. I am glad you didn't sustain any major damage. We didn't either, but, apparently, I tuned into the wrong station. Channel 8 scared me to death with the weather person stating, "Get all people down out of the second story and go into a bathroom or closet immediately. Any place along the "red" storm front could get hit with a tornado any moment." So from 4:15-4:35, I was in the closet under the stairs with my two very sleepy girls and Josh. Definitely a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

One small change to the door not being shut by "we" needs to be changed to "I", meaning "you." That was definatley a rude awakening.