Monday, April 14, 2008

Perfect Timing

I am so glad that I was outside on both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the wonderful weather we had this weekend. On Saturday I did some yard work including planting flowers in my pots on our back patio. I don't even bother with them during the winter. So, I made my trip to the nursery, picked out my plants, and fixed up my pots. Then...that evening as Casey flipped the TV to the local news to check out the weather for the next day since we had another outdoor activity planned, the weather man said that he hoped people didn't plant any new flowers that day because we were expecting a frost the next morning. Great. Perfect timing, as usual. I'm happy to report that even though I forgot to cover them up last night, my plants were looking just fine when I left for work this morning.

1 comment:

gayle said...

That's great! I am sure when I start experimenting with planting things at my house, I will have a few casualties. Glad yours made it!! :)