Friday, June 13, 2008

Even More Favorite Things

This is a continuation of my two previous posts (part 1 and part 2) about my favorite things:

16. Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil
I have naturally dry cuticles. Every time I get a manicure (which is seldom), the manicurist feels the need to remind me of this. So, this cuticle oil - if I remember to apply it every day - really does wonders for keeping my cuticles from cracking and peeling.

17. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
Since I seldom get manicures in salons but hate for my nails to look bad, I often give myself manicures. This almost always involves Hard as Nails. I love the stuff because it really does protect your nails. And it will give them a lovely tint if worn by itself or it works better than anything else I've ever used as a top coat.

18. Google Reader
Ok, I finally did it. I jumped on the feed reader bandwagon and yes, I like it. I hesitated before because I have so many blogs I check, but I bit the bullet and subscribed to them all and it has saved me so much valuable time. I have to admit that I sort of miss the moment of suspense as I clicked on a link and waited to find out if that person had posted something new to their blog. But, I'm over it.

19. Lazy Susans
I love Lazy Susans. I especially like the ones with a non-skid surface...just in case I get too enthusiastic about the spin and send things flying. Anyway, I have several Lazy Susans in use around my house but my favorite one is my baking Lazy Susan. That's what I call it. I keep baking soda, non-stick spray, baking powder, vanilla, cooking oil and salt on this one and it really saves time when I'm baking since I use those things the most.

20. Cutco Kitchen Shears
These suckers will cut through a coin. It's true. But who cares? I just care that I use them effectively in about a thousand different ways in the kitchen and while cooking. And they have a Forever Guarantee. They are definitely in the running for the most used gadget in my kitchen (should have mentioned them in my other kitchen post).

21. 3M Command Hooks
Who invented these? Whoever it is deserves a Nobel Prize or something because these things make the world a better place. I guess they're getting some major royalties so I probably don't have to worry about them. I have used these hooks in so many different ways at home and at work. My latest idea was to use the small decorating clips that you're supposed to use with Christmas lights (which I've also done) to hold necklaces in my closet. I just put up about 12 hooks on my closet wall and I have an instant jewelry-keeper.

22. Coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond
I'll take them all but my favorites are the 20% off. I use them on toiletries...more specifically, usually razor blades. Those things can be so expensive but I get such pleasure out of using my 20% off coupon when I buy them. This does require finding a Bed Bath and Beyond that carries toiletries but they do exist.

23. Crystal Light On the Go
Brilliant. Another worthy invention. I like water just fine but sometimes these little packets just make water so much better. In fact, they make water peachy or raspberry-y or even lemonade-y.

24. Mary Kay Satin Lips Lip Mask
This lip mask is amazing. You put it on, leave it for one minute and then rinse or wipe it off and I'm telling've never had such soft lips.


Brooke said...

Love Google Reader.

Just 2 weeks ago, I was walking around BB&B looking for wedding gifts and wondered who shopped for shampoo and the like at this place. You do! I never thought about using the discount for those things! Razors ARE expensive!

The Satin Lips and Satin Hands are the only things I buy when invited to a Mary Kay party.

Lynn Leaming said...

Thanks for the great idea on the
3M hooks. In the past few weeks I have picked up about 5 new necklaces and was trying to figure out where to put them as my amoire is full. Now I know, I'll buy some of those hooks and put them on the side of my dresser!

LoriLoo310 said...

I love the BB&B coupons. Did you know that you can use them even after they expire? Save them all up, and don't throw them away. You can use as many as you want per purchase.

Unknown said...

Google reader is one of the best things i ever did.