Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Picture From My Past: #1

I've been sorting out our hard drive...moving pictures to the backup and deleting some non-essentials in the process. So, I came across some random pictures that I thought I'd post one at a time on the blog. Each one tells a little bit about me/us that people might not know. Here's today's picture from my past...

Well, this one is from way in my past. Most of them will be more recent than this. I'm pretty sure this is a picture from the first day of school. I'm probably in the 3rd grade or so. Apparently, this is during the time that my brother was wearing a sling because he got shot in the thumb point-blank by a BB gun. But what is he using for a school bag? What's strange is that I'm almost positive that we still have that bag somewhere. And I'm wearing the fashionable splatter-paint clothing, shirt tie and colored keds...the first day of school is important, you know. I'm also pretty sure that I'm wearing my pin-wheel earrings although you have to zoom in to see those. Our very fruitful peach tree can be seen in the back on the left and all those open fields behind our house are where my brother and I would ride our bikes...they paved the streets years before they actually built the houses.

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