Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She's Got Skills

I saw this on someone's blog and I thought it was interesting...What five skills or hobbies would you learn if you had unlimited time, money and resources? I've already mentioned three in my bio blurb but here's all five for me:

1. Gardening
I love gardens and I really enjoy being in them, looking at them, etc. But I have little knowledge of plants, little patience and I'm definitely not a natural green thumb. Despite those things, I really would enjoy dedicating time to learning about gardening with an end in mind: planting and tending my own lovely blooming butterfly and bee-inviting perennial garden to enjoy in my own back yard. It would be bliss.

2. Quilting
I have made several quilts. I made my first one in high school and is a lovely quilt...for no reason other than I wanted to make a quilt. I made another one for Casey out of several of his college t-shirts as a keepsake. There have been others too. So I've got quilting basics down, but truly, I'd love to dig deeper and learn techniques I haven't dreamed of using yet and make a really fabulous quilt.

3. Calligraphy
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to really learn how to write in calligraphy. I think it's beautiful and a skill that not many people have. I've collected some supplies to help me learn over the years, but I've never sat down and disciplined myself enough to master this.

4. Embroidery
I now have the use of an embroidery machine, which with all it's infinite possibilities, thrills me. But, again, I need to get beyond the basics and really see what this thing can do. Oh, the stuff we could make. My creative juices get flowing but it is sometimes a long road from conception to execution.

5. Photography / Photoshop
Another thing I have been interested in as long as I can remember is photography. I have a well-documented life since the time I got my first camera. I set up a studio and took pictures of my stuffed animals as a kid for crying out loud. I did take a photography class in college during which I even developed my own film in a dark room. I did learn a few things. Unfortunately, they didn't really stick and I could use a major refresher course if I were to do anything worth looking at. And as a sister skill, I would need to master photoshop. I'm making progress, though, since I purchased the software a while back but I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be. Talk about a program with endless potential. I feel like I've tapped maybe 5% of it so far.

Feel free to copy this post...I'd love to hear what skills some of you would like to have.

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