Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Well-Used Spice

Do you find that you use certain spices in your kitchen (besides salt and pepper, of course) more than others? I can tell which ones I use the most because they're sort of perpertually half full or close to empty. Here are the ones I use the most and why:

1. Chili Powder...because I have an awesome Chili recipe (called Quick and Hearty Chili) from a family friend, which calls for chili powder. Plus, I kind of like to add a little extra chili a lot of things.

2. Cumin...normally not a well-used spice, but it is in my house because I have an awesome recipe for Creamy Chicken Enchiladas from my sister-in-law, Linda, and cumin is definitely the key ingredient.

3. Paprika...because Casey loves a skillet fried chicken recipe I found back when we first got married and the paprika really makes the dish. And it calls for a whole tablespoon each time and that's a lot out of a little spice jar.

4. Garlic Powder...because I'm always mixing this with a little butter to brush on rolls. And because we like garlic.

5. Oregano...because you can sprinkle it in or on just about anything. And I do.


gayle said...

I love to use dill weed, cumin, cilantro (sometimes fresh, too), and I know salt and pepper are a give but I only use fresh ground pepper melange and ground sea salt crystals. Mmmmm!

Unknown said...

sounds like you need to post some recipes!

Unknown said...

I use cumin in almost everything.

I also use basil and garlic powder a lot.

Dara said...

I use "Nature's Seasoning" by Morton a lot... it is a blend of spices and tastes good on everything! Certain recipes I make wouldn't taste the same without it... a must have!