Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Cute Pictures


I love this look in black and white. He was sort of tired when I took this picture so he's looking kind of lazy but really sweet.



Ethan started "studying" his hands last week and it cracks us up to watch him do it. He will be in the middle of something...playing, eating, bathing...and will catch sight of his hand and will stop and just stare at it. He kind of moves it up and down while he watches it. It is so funny. Casey and I joke that he looks like a newly-engaged girl gawking at her ring.


Heather said...

Great pictures!! He is so adorable....

Lindsay said...

Those are precious. Hard not to be cute pics when Ethan is in them. :) Yes, the studying the hand thing is so precious - good for you to get it on camera. I never did get such a good shot.

Dara said...

He is such a cutie! Love the pictures! Great hand shot!