Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tip and A Warning

A Tip: Dawn Power Dissolver really works. When you have a dish or pot that has really baked-on stuff or even burned-on stuff, you just spray it with the power dissolver, leave it for about 30 minutes and voila!...the "stuff" will come off without any scrubbing. Truly. So if you like to make sure that every black spot comes off your baking dishes, get this stuff. Because sometimes no matter how hard you scrub, those things seems stuck on there. Oh, and it did help with an unfortunate oven-cleaning fiasco. That's another story entirely and will cause me to get off track, but I'd better go ahead and tell it...

While I was baking a pork butt for pulled pork sandwiches one day, the ceramic baking dish that I was cooking the pork in cracked and leaked pork juice all over the bottom of my oven. That was annoying for two reasons. 1) Now I had pork juice on the bottom of my oven. 2) Now a good bit of the juice that would be used for the homemade BBQ sauce was on the bottom of my oven. So, seeing as my oven is a self-cleaning oven, I decided to turn that feature on that evening. Something started to smell...really, really badly. Knowing that this is a side effect of the oven-cleaning process, I decided to ignore it. Then, Casey went into the kitchen to throw something away and started freaking out. It turns out that flames were coming out from our locked and cleaning oven from the pork juice being burned up in the cleaning process. Thus the horrible smell. So, we turned off the self-cleaning feature and aired out the house...over the next two days. With the smell safely gone, I decided that turning on the self-cleaner again would not be a good idea. So, I thought I'd try the power dissolver since it worked on dishes. I looked on the back of the bottle and sure enough, you can use it on ovens. It worked great. And saved us from either having burned stuff on our oven forever or having to endure the smell again (and possibly more flames) to get rid of it.

And now for the warning (having nothing to do with self-cleaning ovens): Febreeze Air Effects Lavender and Vanilla Comfort smells like an unpleasant old lady perfume. I was surprised at this. I love Febreeze. I also like lavender. And vanilla. And they've even been paired together with success in other products. But somehow, this particular product misses the mark for me. So just beware. However, the Linen and Sky scent smells great.

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Melanie said...

My mom has had two ceramic baking items crack with pork on them! Perhaps pork should not be cooked on ceramic dishes!