Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning How To Shoot

Who says that when you're an adult your parents can't still give you toys to play with? My dad has let me borrow this (Canon EOS 5D) for a while:

I'm practicing and having fun shooting my two favorite subjects, Casey and Ethan. If you're a DSLR user, what do you shoot with and why did you choose that particular camera? And what lens is your favorite or most used and why?

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Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a Nikon D60 and I love it! I did alot of research on my own and also asked a lot of journalers who posted pictures I thought were especially good. This one got big kudos although some other cameras were recommended that were not in my price range. I am very pleased and it turned out I got the best package deal at Wolf Camera which surprised me. They include several hours of classes which I think will be a big plus for me.

Donna W.