Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged Times Two

Heather and Krystal have both tagged me. The first tag, from Heather, asks for my 6th picture in the 6th folder on my computer. This little snap shot is of me and Casey in Durango, Colorado, where my grandparents live. This was taken just outside their cabin. The year was 2002. Makes you want to drink some hot chocolate, doesn't it?

And secondly, Krystal tagged me with this:

{10 Years Ago I...}
1. Was a senior in high school
3. Went river rafting for the first time
4. Went on a blind date to my homecoming dance (yikes!)
5. Drove to ACU (Abilene) by myself for the first time (the first of many times!)

{5 Things on Today's To Do List}
1. Get new container for sugar at The Container Store
2. Edit some pictures
3. Clean out our office files
4. Wrap Christmas presents
5. Make dinner

{5 Places I've Lived}
1. Abilene, Texas
2. Oxford, England
3. Dallas, Texas
4. Richardson, Texas
5. Plano, Texas

{5 Jobs I've Had}
1. Administrative Assistant at Magna Resources
2. Accounts Payable Assistant at Groceryworks.com
3. Student Worker in the Graduate Bible Dept. at ACU
4. Sales Associate at The Gap
5. Sales Associate at Bath and Body Works

1 comment:

Emily Cade said...

"4. Went on a blind date to my homecoming dance (yikes!)"

Right on! My senior prom was a blind date!!! It was rough too. I caught my menu on fire and my blind date grabbed it from my hands and started stomping on it.