Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Reading

I plan to start a new tradition this year in our family on Christmas Eve. We're going to read Twas the Night Before Christmas because it is the night before Christmas and then we're going to read the story of Jesus's birth...probably from Luke. And here's my plan for several years down the road...I want Ethan (and whatever sibiling he might have) to draw or color depictions of the story of Jesus's birth. Then, I will scan and upload them to a photo book service and have a story book made with the scriptures of Jesus's birth along with their illustrations. Then, it can sit with the stack of other Christmas books we have. I think this would be such a neat keepsake. I've written my idea down in my household notebook (and here too, I guess) so with any luck, I won't forget about it!

And along those lines, my friend Mary did something so cute with her Christmas card this year. She had her oldest son, Charlie, who is just over two years old, color on a small picture of the nativity scene. She included his coloring page (probably about 4x5 in size) with their family Christmas card. I love this idea and I'm probably going to steal it as soon as Ethan can color!

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