Thursday, December 18, 2008

Displaying Christmas Cards


I think this gold metal basket originally came full of Christmas goodies for our staff at the office a couple of years ago. I remember looking at it and thinking...what can I do with this? Because even though it was free and I liked it a lot, if I didn't have something to do with it, I wouldn't bring it home. I thought it might be the perfect size to hold all the Christmas cards we receive during the holidays and I was right. So, this is where I put all of our cards. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I've always wanted a neat (meaning both tidy and cool) way to display them. I like this basket because it keeps them all in one place and they're not strewn all over the place. But, I have to thumb through them to see them all again, which I do from time to time. And visitors to our house have done the same as well. But, I'd love to know what great ideas to you have for displaying your Christmas cards.


Kaitlin said...

I like your basket. Now what do you do with them after the holidays?

We have a big wire wreath that hangs on our wall that we place Christmas cards on. So eventually, you will have a big wreath of cards. BUT, you have to be careful not to place it in a high traffic area because sometimes it gets bumped and some fall off. It's cute though.

Lynn Leaming said...

I have a reindeer with antlers about 3 feet which have slots in them and you put your Christmas cards in each slot. I like it the most because each slot is a different level and you can constanly see each card. Also my brother gave me a three foot victorian stocking with slots on the outside that hold cards as well.