Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking going to the Post Office on a Saturday during December? Luckily, all I had to do was drop off a package, and envelope and check a PO box. I would have pulled all my hair out if I'd had to wait in that line. But the parking lot was a nightmare anyway. For those of you planning a trip to the Post Office anytime soon...or just anytime at all, remember that you can do so much online (buy stamps, print postage, etc.)

I also plead temporary insanity for going to Target on a Saturday during December. I've never seen so many red carts in those aisles before. The whole back left part of the store was congested because guess what's back there? Toys. I just got held up trying to check out even though there were more lanes open than usual.

I thought DSW would be innocent enough. And indeed, it was not crowded. But just try and find a pair of black boots right now. They were so picked over. I did find a killer pair...but not in my size. They do have stock online so I'm trying there.

And finally, if you get the bright idea to make some fun Christmas candies and treats, be sure to buy your baking chocolate early. Trying to find any two weeks before Christmas could prove to be futile. I was actually successful...found it at Target, where I usually don't shop for groceries.

I did not try to go to Toys R Us to return a toy because these previous experiences prompted me to wait to go first thing in the morning on a weekday. But, I will be sure not to wait until after Christmas. Have you ever tried to return something after Christmas? Ugh.

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