Tuesday, December 09, 2008


We've had a few really cold days lately. It is well documented that I do not like being cold. One of those times would be at night when I get in bed. The sheets are always freezing and it takes waaay too long for my body to warm them up to a decent temperature. I would like to get an electric blanket someday to make the bed toasty for me before I get in it, but until then, I've been improvising...I use our heating pad and stick it in the bed at the bottom of the bed where our feet go. Then, while I'm getting ready for bed, it heats up the sheets and at least my feet will be warm. And, in my experience, warm feet make for a warm body pretty quickly. It works.

Of course, there are some other perks to the cold weather...my baby all bundled up!




Mary said...

He is too cute! That is funny, cause I always have to take a first "wearing hats/gloves/coats picture" every winter. They are so cute all bundled up!

LoriLoo310 said...

That is such a cute sweater and hat set. I heat up my bed with my electric blanket every night (sometimes even in the summer months). Totally worth the investment.

Lindsay said...

He is stinkin cute! How do you keep him looking so neat and organized all the time. :) He is just precious. It will be so much fun to see Blake and Ethan playing together in the near future.

Lindsay said...

I meant to say so stinkin cute! :)