Friday, January 16, 2009

An Organized Home: Step 3

This step specifically pertains to assigning a place for everything as was discussed in the last post. An important guideline when choosing a place for something is...


This step just makes sense and organizing is really just about creating a logical order to the placement and storage of your stuff. But there are a few specific reasons this makes sense organizationally and practically.

First, if all of your pillow cases are stored in one place, then when you are looking for any of them, there is only one place to look. Likewise, if you have all of your canned goods together in your pantry, then at-a-glance, you can see what you've got and find what you need.

Secondly, this helps not only in finding items, but in actually storing them. When you group like items together, often {but not always} they are alike in shape and size. When they are grouped together on a shelf or in a bin, they will maximize your space better simply because they are alike physically.

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Mary said...

Is this the "brother P touch" step too! =0) I love the one I got for Christmas!