Monday, January 19, 2009

An Organized Home: Step 4

This step is another useful guideline when assigning a place for everything in your house.


If you store things according to where you use them and how often you use them, they will always be where you need them, when you need them. There are two questions to ask yourself when deciding where something should be stored because this principle applies not only to where in a closet or space to put things, but also to which closet or space to use for certain items.

The first question what part of my house/garage do I most use this object? Ideally, you don't want to be running all over the house to get things when you need to use them in a different part of the house. Find the most logical and practical place in your house for things. A closet near the living room is a great place for games. Try to store your extra linens near the bedroom or bathroom they are meant to service. You can even choose to store items in duplicate places in the house because you use them often in both spots. For example, we keep our heavy-duty tools in the garage, but I have a small tool kit inside the house with some tools that I use often inside. I also keep scissors in a kitchen drawer along with some pens and pencils, but I keep most of my office supplies in the office where I use them the most.

Now that you've found the correct storage space, find the best specific spot in that space. Ask often do I use this item? If you answer that you use it a lot, store it in a place that is very accessible to you. It is so frustrating to have to reach or dig for an item that you use often. But, if you answer that you don't use it very often, store it in a more out-of-the-way place. For example, our extra pillows are stored on the very top shelf in my hall closet. We don't use them but a couple of times a year so getting out the step stool to reach them is not that big of a deal.

This step is so important because even if all your things are put in designated places, if that place does not function in a practical way, it's useless and you will waste your time getting to it and putting it up.

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