Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Scrapbook


Photo of Ethan by Summer Photography

My plan since I was still pregnant with Ethan was to make his baby book in digital scrapbook form and combine it with a first year scrapbook. I want to have a section about the pregnancy, including some sonogram photos, and a section about each month of his first year. That is the plan. Notice that it is still a plan and not a book. I have made the cover {above} and a few first pages, but considering that he will be 10 months old in two days, I am painfully behind. My goal is to have this book completed {except for his one-year birthday pages} by his first birthday. That is a lofty goal, I know. I have also decided to post the pages {as I get them done} on our photo website under "Digital Scrapbooks." At the very least, this will be a place to share the scrapbook and maybe it will also hold me just a little bit accountable for finishing it. I figure I've got to do at least 5-7 layouts a week from now until the end of May to get this thing done. Wish me luck!


Mary said...

Good luck! I won't tell you that Charlie is 2 1/2 and I am still on his birth...that might discourage you!

Christina said...

Good luck on this! I tried that same goal at about the same point you did! I failed miserably, only completing through Ashton's 3rd month. I haven't converted to digital yet, but my next goal is to finish his 1 year scrapbook and then start digital books for his next years and milestones. I know that you can do it though and I'll enjoy seeing your pages :).