Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gift Cards

Are gift cards a controversial gift option? Really, I didn't think so, but over the years, I've heard people who love them and people who hate them...both to give and receive. Me...I'm in the "love them" category. But the people who despise gift cards are fairly adamant about their stance.

I love to receive gift cards because sometimes I like the freedom to pick out my own gift. I appreciate that. Especially when the gift card is for a book store or clothing store or something similar, which usually is the case. Not only do I get to select something that I really want, I can also postpone getting it until there's something I need and then, "voila," I don't have to pay for it. Gift cards can be practical because you don't have to worry about a person's particular taste for clothing or music or worry about the wrong size or that they'll simply return your gift.

And sometimes {not always}, I love giving gift cards. Mainly for the same reasons as above. Some people will say that giving a gift card is the lazy way to select a gift for someone. And sometimes that is probably true. But, on the other hand, if I know that someone loves a certain store but don't know exactly what they might want there...isn't there still some thought put into the gift? If the worth of a gift is measured by the thought that was put into it, doesn't a gift card to a specific store count for something? I think so.

Frankly, I think finding the perfect gift for each person for their birthday or Christmas is overrated. I still try to accomplish this and I think it is so great when that does happen. But what are you supposed to do if you simply can't find that perfect gift? It doesn't always happen. Sometimes you have to go to plan B. That doesn't mean that you don't think about what the person would want or just means that you didn't come across the thing that you know would fit them like a glove.

I celebrate gift cards and I would even go so far as to say that sometimes, they are the perfect gift for someone. So there...that's what I think.


Kaitlin said...

I totally agree! I love to get gift cards. I would so much rather get a gift card (even if it's just $5 at Starbucks) then get something I don't really need (like another candle :D ) Gift cards for the win!

Mary said...

I agree, but you are right, thsoe that disagree are adament! I have been told it is "cold and impersonal". But I love it, because part of the gift is that I get to shop...which I love and can't do that often anymore!

Lynn Leaming said...

I'm okay with gift cards, I do find it easier to get them for my younger nieces and nephews who all live out of state and I never know sizes, styles, etc. However, I recently received one that you had to spend $35.00 to redeem the $25.00 card. I wondered if the gifter had just not read the fine print, as I did think that was kind of tacky.

Christina said...

I LOVE receiving gift cards! I guess because of the people that are so adamant about not giving gift cards, I feel a bit guilty sometimes when giving them, but not THAT guilty as it hasn't stopped me from giving them, haha!