Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bath Time with the Boy

For a while now I have been putting Ethan in his room near his book shelf while I go run his bath in the evenings. He usually plays with his books or toys in the baskets on his shelves until his bath is ready. But recently, he has started to follow me into the bathroom and has wanted to touch the running water. So, now he goes in the bath before any water does and the time he gets to play with the running water is his favorite part of bath time, I think. Such a funny kid.






Unknown said...

love the hair in that last shot!

Mary said...

What a cutie! Bath time is our kids favorite time too. In the winter time, they are often in the middle of the day and last for an hour or more!

Anonymous said...

love these pictures-what a bright child!


Molly said...

What fantastic photos! He sure is a cutie!

We have that bath toy too - my little one loves it!