Friday, May 15, 2009

Class of 1999


Ten years ago this month {on the 21st to be exact}, I graduated from high school. I had a pretty good mixture of fear and excitement about moving on from high school, home, and life as I'd known it. On graduation day, I wore chunky heels because they were in style. Hey, they probably also kept me from falling on my face when descending the steps of the stage in front of who knows how many people. After the ceremony I went to an all-night party to which the whole graduating class was invited. They gave away door prizes...TVs, VCRs {yep, those were still around then}, and various other items to deck out your dorm room. But me? I won a laundry basket with some detergent and an iron. That was the third iron I'd gotten for graduation. Do people actually think that college students iron anything?

I actually liked high school. I am probably in the minority, but when I look back at those years, I do think back on them with nostalgia and I remember having so much fun. Of course, the college years were even better, but still...high school was great. I learned a lot and a good bit of it outside of the classroom.

If I could go back and talk to my former 18-year-old self, I would tell her to enjoy every single moment of college because it will go by in an instant. I would tell her not to worry about moving away from home...she will love the freedom and her newfound responsibilities will be like second-nature. I'd tell her not to worry about leaving her friends back home either...the best ones will still stay in touch and she'll still be in contact with them years later. And, by the way, she'll meet some pretty fantastic people in college too...her roommate being just one of them. I might also warn her that she's going to meet her husband very, very soon...and not to freak out about the fact that she fell in love with the first guy she ever officially dated. Sometimes "too good to be true" does happen. I would possibly, maybe have even said something crazy like...her parents do know something and may have a little bit of wisdom. And finally, I would tell her not to be afraid to make her own way and to pursue what she loves and enjoys...that God is faithful no matter what happens.

But really...even if I could have seen the future, I think a healthy dose of uncertainty helped me grow more than any bits of advise I could have given myself. Making your own decisions and taking leaps of faith goes a long way in making a person who they are and I really wouldn't trade that for anything...even if it could have calmed my fears back then. And yes, I loved high school, but no...I do not want to go back. The homework was terrible.

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Mary said...

Cute picture! I am glad you enjoyed high school so much! And I am glad we are still "in touch" and friends! And I agree, I would never go back! I don't think I could write the CRP again!!