Saturday, May 16, 2009

Throwing in the {Paper} Towel


I am completely done using paper towels. Ok, not completely. But sometimes it's fun to make sweeping absolute statements. As if I will never use another paper towel in my life. Ha. Anyway, the truth is that I have found a side-kick to using paper towels that saves me money and reduces my paper towel waste, which is good for the environment. Everybody wins. What I did was buy two stacks of cheap white wash cloths at Wal Mart. They were $3 a package and each package had 18 towels. That makes each towel $0.16. Not bad. You see, I previously had a paper towel addiction. I liked to use them to clean up everything {except dishes} in the kitchen because they absorb beautifully and can just be thrown away. I really don't like having dirty, grimy towels to wash.

But like any addiction, this one had it's downside...buying way too many paper towels and feeling like I was being wasteful too. This was not an easy switch for me to make, but now I just throw in my white washcloths with my towel load each week and it's really easy. I bought enough of them that I don't have to use one forever...when it gets too dirty for me, I just toss it in the hamper. And really, if any of them ever get so gross that I just don't want to wash and use them again, I can toss them. I still use paper towels for some things, but since I bought the towels {three months ago} I have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of paper towels I use. That's a good thing, I think.


Kaitlin said...

Good idea!

gayle said...

I use those SAME washcloths to clean my house and messes and whatnot. I LOVE them. And they are cheap enough that if I have to clean up something REALLY dirty and don't want to reuse it, I don't feel bad throwing them away. I still use paper towels, too, but very minimally. :)