Thursday, September 24, 2009

Confessions: Round 2

A while ago, I wrote a post confessing a few things about myself. These are a few, more specific, things:

1. I left a bowl full of queso dip in my refrigerator for over a week just to avoid cleaning it. I hate washing dishes. Especially dishes with queso in them.

2. I only have one visible scratch on my two-year-old car. And I caused it. In our old garage, I had to open the garage door in order to open my trunk (hatchback). One time I closed both of those doors simultaneously. The trunk got caught on the garage door and I panicked while trying to figure out which one to move first.

3. Before I stayed home with Ethan, I almost never made my bed. It's actually not like me at all, but we were gone all day and it just didn't seem worth the effort. Now, I make it every day. And most recently, with a little boy's help.

4. I left a pot of chili out on the counter all night last night because I fell asleep on the couch and didn't even think about it as I stumbled to our bedroom in a stupor.

5. I had to put a dirty diaper back on my child the other day (briefly), while I refilled the wipes container because I couldn't leave him on the changing table in the meantime. Someone (daddy) had forgotten to refill the wipes after they (he) used the last one. At least I can say that he changes diapers.


Tricia said...

haha Rachel I could have written this list myself! I am guilty of all those things in some form! It just goes to show, nobody is perfect and being a mommy is hard work :)

Mary said...

I left tuna salad in my fridge for the longest time because I didn't want to smell it while I washed it in the sink...I understand the weird logic, becuase if I had cleaned it sooner, it wouldn't have smelled! =0)

And Jason and I have often mourned over an entire meal we wasted because we forgot it was sitting on the stove and didn't put it in the fridge. I hate that! It feels so wasteful!