Friday, September 18, 2009


Casey and I were watching an old episode of Family Feud the other day while he was home for lunch (like we usually do). One of the questions at the end of the game was, "what is the season that people most look forward to?" The lady answered fall. I thought this was a great answer. Would you believe that only 4 out of 100 people surveyed said fall? Four. That's crazy.

A few days ago I had a "suspicious" mole cut out (1/4 inch of skin and tissue) from the side of my foot, and I can't really put much pressure on the heel of that foot because it kind of hurts. Therefore, I am a bit slow in the walking department right now. So wouldn't you know, yesterday morning I found myself slowly hobbling to my car while lugging a 15-month-old, my purse, my keys, and a bag full of groceries...while it was raining.

Our 1-year computer warranty expired exactly 29 days ago and of we have a serious computer problem. Most likely with the video of the most expensive components. Of course.

At Toys R Us yesterday I was looking for a puppet. One of the sales people asked me if I needed help finding anything and I told him what I was looking for. He said that they didn't have any puppets and haven't carried any for a while. Who knew? No puppets at one of the largest toy stores in the area. Hmmm.


Lynn Leaming said...

If you are still looking for a puppet source, U.S. Toys on Parker and Independence had quite a few when I was in there the other day (like an entire aisle full)

Amberly said...

I also saw some puppets at Mardels the other day...