Friday, September 11, 2009



That was not rain yesterday evening. That was a deluge. At least in our part of town it was. But we loved it. Ethan and I sat with the front door open watching the rain come down and listening to the thunder. He would stick out his hands and get them wet and then run away. Then he would go back and do it again. And just when I thought the very loud thunder would scare him (because it certainly startled me), he would look at me and laugh. Crazy kid. It was all fun and games until Casey came home soaked to the bone, saying his car was almost flooded when he tried to get in because the water in his parking lot was up to the bottom of his car.


Christina said...

That's too cute! I can't believe that about Casey's car. I'm glad he made it home ok and the car wasn't flooded. That would have been horrible.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture!mimi