Monday, September 14, 2009

Worlds Apart

Last weekend (two weekends ago) we accomplished a lot. We were finally in the mood to start making some cosmetic changes to the house after living here for 3 months and doing nothing. When you feel the urge, it's time to act. So, I stripped the wallpaper in the half bath, hung drapes and did other various things.

A word from experience...I have used three methods for removing wallpaper (gel spray, water spray, steamer) and by far, the steamer worked the best. If removing wallpaper is in your future (and I'm sorry if it is, but I'm right there with you), then that is the way to go. Borrow or buy a steamer. It is worth it. But also know will not make the process easy by any means. (Wallpaper is evil.) But it will make it easier.

So, then this weekend we took a cue from the rainy weather and did pretty much nothing. I actually read a a whole book and half of another one in bed during the middle of the day. (Ethan took great naps....must have been the rain). It couldn't have been a more different scenario than the weekend before. I had planned to paint the bathroom that I had prepared last weekend, but it just didn't seem right to work that hard on a nice, lazy, rainy day. So I didn't.

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