Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Why is it acceptable to give a 12-hour window (not exaggerating...8am-8pm) for a technician to come to your house to repair something? This seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I said as much to the person on the phone (who I know has nothing to do with how things are done), but it didn't make a difference. But really...how hard can it be to narrow it down to a 4-hour window at least?

You'd think that after writing my party preparation post a while back, I would have taken my own advice. So, here's another tip...If you will be using your grill, make sure that you have enough propane in the tank to finish cooking your food. Yeah...thank goodness we had a spare tank in the garage. Thank goodness.

Today I reordered checks for the first time since 2006. Although I seldom use them, I have to keep some around just in case. I had to order them over the phone because I've had an address change since my last order. When the lady totalled my order for me it came to $76.83. Whaaat? I told her I wasn't paying that much for checks. So she said she could "move a couple of things around" (her exact words) and voila! I ended up paying $16.38 for the same kind of checks. I could have gotten snarky and asked why the sudden and drastic change in price, but I didn't.


Melanie said...

I need to reorder checks too! It's been longer ago than 2006 though since I ordered my last batch, I think I will keep putting it off though! :) I can pay most bills online now anyway.

Mary said...

Seriously, people (esp. customer service) are SOOO hard to work with. Some would find that ironic, I just find it frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think a four hour window is a bit ridiculous, and I'm curious about your "snarky" voice.
Kristen McC