Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Boy in a Baseball Cap


This boy in his baseball cap just kills me. He looks too cute. Too old. I pulled it (a gift from his Pop) out this morning from his closet while I was taking down clothes that are too small and hanging up some new clothes he's gotten.

At first, when I put it on, he clawed at it and acted like he wanted to take it off. I am very used to this response to anything placed on his head. But, I quickly sang a song with him that required him to clap his hands and do motions and he became sufficiently distracted to leave the cap alone. And would you believe...he kept it on all morning, all through lunch, and I was the one to take it off for his nap.

This gives me a sliver of hope that he might, just might, keep the head piece to his costume on for at least a little while at Halloween if I distract him at first...but that remains to be seen.

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Mary said...

Seriously, can he get any cuter??