Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boo Hi!

I think every kid loves peek-a-boo and Ethan is no exception. He loves to "hide" (usually somewhere we can still see him) and pop out and "surprise" us. Recently he's been saying "boo" when he pops out of his hiding places. Then, somewhere along the line, it became, "boo hi." I think we would sometimes say "hi" when he revealed himself so he's combined the two words and says them together now. I have to catch that on film soon because it's pretty cute.


Mary said...

You should video it too, Rach! We were just saying how cute some of the stuff Max is saying now, and how we ought to catch it before he grows up. *sigh* It goes so fast!

Christina said...

This is so cute. It's funny how kids incorporate things into their own language. It reminds me of my blankets I had as a toddler--I called them "Night nights" because each night before I went to bed with them, my parents said, "Night night!"