Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Things

1. Girl Scout Cookies. I got mine on Monday and I'm already rationing. Good thing Ethan doesn't eat cookies yet and Casey is not a big dessert person. Actually, that may turn out to be a bad thing because I have 4 boxes, which I would be ashamed to admit I ate all by myself...even if they last a while.

2. Heated Mattress Pad. Casey's parents got one for me for my birthday this year and I can seriously say that I can't believe I ever lived without one. Our bedroom is the coldest room in the house in the winter and getting in bed at night used to be almost painful. Now, it's delightful. I absolutely love it. It has dual controls with 20 different heat settings, so Casey and I can pick what we want on our side of the bed, including turning one side off while the other one is on.

3. Baby Kicks. I felt baby boy #2 much earlier than I felt Ethan. I remember feeling Ethan kick for the first time (that I was certain it was him) at around 16 weeks. This time, I felt the little guy around 11-12 weeks. It is a very distinct feeling and one of the great things about being pregnant.

4. A Big Box. This one is from Ethan. Mimi and Pop got him a bean bag chair and it came in a pretty big box. I decided to keep the box for a while thinking that Ethan would enjoy playing in it. I was right. He loves it.




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