Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby B Belly


I am feeling baby b move around much more lately. Still very subtle kicks compared to the very obvious ones I know are coming...if he's anything like his big brother in that department. I started to show more a little bit earlier than I did with Ethan, I think, but that's to be expected, I guess. It also depends on what I wear. Sometimes it's obvious, other times not so much (despite the fact that I look huge in that 17 week photo...yikes!). But I pretty much know where I'm headed in the pregnancy belly department. I have a very short torso, so there's no where for the baby to go but straight out. It happened with Ethan and I fully expect it again.

We did pretty much decide on baby b's name this weekend, but I'm not announcing it just yet. Soon. And maybe I'll share some of the details of my search for a suitable maternity bathing suit. Not fun.


Christina said...

You look so cute!

Mary said...

I think you look great! And I have a maternity swimsuit I love if you want to borrow it, it is BLACK, which is supposed to be slimming! ;o)

Lindsay said...

You did grow quite a bit from 15 weeks but that is to be expected. And second time around your body knows what it is doing. Great idea to keep up with the belly periodically.