Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, Again?

I cannot belive it's Friday again...already. I'm glad it is. But the weeks seem to just be zooming by rapidly.

I am not ready for the "cold snap" we are going to experience tomorrow. I'm ready for these warmer days to stay.

There are several renovation / updating / redecorating plans to several rooms in our house taking shape right now. Both boys' rooms and their bathroom. Pictures to come later. Probably much later.

Still no name for baby B. It's on the agenda for this weekend.

I need a pedicure badly. That is also on the agenda for this weekend. (To be done by me, while sitting on the couch watching TV most likely).

I love the couple of weeks when all the Bradford Pear trees sprout their white blooms before they turn to leaves.


Mary said...

THe more kids you have the faster it goes! Enjoy your weekend, and I want to come over and see the renovations!! =0)

Lindsay said...

I totally agree with what you said about the blooms. I was just admiring the beauty today while we played outside before we are shut in tomorrow! Oh and how cute is Ethan - he grew a ton more hair in one month. He looks so much like a big boy in his pics.

gayle said...

I love the bradford pear trees, too. Both trees put in by my builder died, so I need to replace them. I would love to put in bradford pears, because of the blooms and because they naturally keep such a wonderful shape. :)