Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Casey and I returned tonight from our trip...the secret one that I took him on for his 30th birthday. We had so much fun. Sitting in my living room with about a million things to unpack, I cannot wrap my brain around all the relaxing we were allowed to do over the past 5 days. Amazing. And much needed.

Oh, yeah...we went to Orlando for 2 days and Clearwater Beach for 2.5 days. We stayed at two fantastic hotels, went to Epcot on Mother's Day, and lounged by the beach and pool to our hearts' content.

We can also vouch for the fact that sunscreen needs to be applied many times while at the beach. Not just a few times...many times. We never sat out in the sun, but somehow, between the swimming and walking along the beach, we did get burned. Ouch.

We missed our boy like crazy. Casey had taken a picture of him the day we dropped him off at his parents house and we looked at that picture on his iphone no less than 20,246 times. Seriously. But, missing him did not spoil the fun that we had. Not at all.

We both marveled several times about how we could do whatever we wanted. And we did. It was great. We ate when we wanted, slept when we wanted, swam when we wanted, and changed our plans on a whim when we wanted.

I would also like to travel first class from now on. It rocks.

And even a mini-report on our trip would be incomplete without my mentioning a trip to the Clearwater hospital courtesy of an ambulance...for me. Details will follow. As well as a few more about our trip. Right now, I feel that I must read the 156 blog posts I've missed, the 58 emails in my inbox, and maybe a little bit of the facebook chatter. Still...I'm so glad we left the laptop at home.


Mary said...

Hello!!! Can't leave me hanging like that!!!!

Emily Cade said...

Fun! You are such an amazing wife to surprise Casey like that! And yes, I love when I go on a vaca and don't check my e-mail, or my phone really, it's so nice and a reminder that we don't need all this constant communication.