Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reluctant Confessions

I have to admit that I'm feeling HOT lately. I just can't seem to escape the heat. Usually the heat of summer in Texas does not really phase me...after all, I've lived here for about 99% of my life so far. But maybe it's because it got really hot, really fast this year. Or maybe it's because I'm pregnant. That might be it. All I know is that between 1 and 6 PM every day, I would rather be in a swimming pool than just about anywhere else.

I feel like I have been much more tired during this pregnancy than I was when I was pregnant with Ethan. I have to stop and rest a little almost every day...and that is something I am not used to doing. It's hard for someone who likes to be productive to just sit down and rest for a while (like during Ethan's nap). But I've resigned myself to doing it otherwise the rest of the day stinks. Maybe it's because I've got myself a 2 year old to look after this time and I'm not just sitting at a desk all day. Or maybe it's just a different pregnancy. But I can't really complain because a little tired is better than many other things I could be.

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Mary said...

I got more tired with each pregnancy, and I couldn't decide if I was just getting older, had more kids to tend to during pregnancy, or if it was the pregnancy itself! Just allow yourself to rest!