Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ikea to the Rescue

With less than 40 days to go until Logan's birth (34 to be exact), I am in full nesting mode. I have a list about a mile long, and I try to check off a few items each day. This past weekend, it was organizing the playroom toys. Good grief, this pile of toys was driving me NUTS! And I know the pile is only going to grow with two children instead of one.


Casey and Ethan and I went to Ikea on Saturday to pick up the Expedit shelves that I knew would be perfect for this wall in the playroom. It was Casey's first time at Ikea. I told him on the way over that it would probably blow his mind, although he's not really into shopping (that might be the understatement of the century!). He was amazed at how huge it was and how much stuff they have in there. Anyway...we got our shelves.


And with those shelves, we turned the mess into an organized storage wall. Now Ethan has a place to "park" his toys. I don't even care where he puts them all as long as they are in one of the shelves. Now when I walk down the hallway upstairs, I am not immediately assaulted by a pile of toys on the floor. The shelves are just step one...I have more plans for this playroom, but who knows when those will get done!



Emily Cade said...

What a difference! You are so organized! When are you due? I keep looking at your blog expecting there to be a post announcing you've gone into labor!

Mary said...

They look great Rach! I love the shelves! Did you build them, or did Casey?

Christina said...

I love the shelves! It feels so good to get things checked off your list.

Christina said...

What a difference! It looks great and so easy to clean up if there ever was a mess in there. Everything has a place, ahhh.

Lindsay said...

Yes, it looks great. It is amazing how just one little change can make such a huge impact. Yes, if you want kiddos to clean up, make it easy for them. Then they will love and want to do it. You have it made!